Hi, I’m Megan and I’m a stress management & wellness coach. I am passionate about helping you to cope better with the everyday stresses of life for your physical and mental wellbeing, and want to show you it’s possible to live the authentic, values-driven life that you were destined to live, free from that stressful, toxic voice in your head. You know, the one that says must, never, can’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t – sound familiar?

While stress management is for everyone, women, and particularly those in nursing and caring professions are often the ones caring for everybody else and putting their own needs last. They also do more of the unpaid work outside of the 9-5, leaving less time to recharge and do the fun stuff. While this is a fact, the Superwoman Syndrome has women believing they MUST do everything, take care of everyone AND do it to perfection, while also having a successful career, great body, great wardrobe, great lifestyle…and the list goes on!  All these MUSTS only add to our growing stress levels!

First thing’s first - let me tell you a little about myself and why I choose to do the amazing work I do:

I’ve worked in the health industry for more than 30 years all across Australia and overseas. I initially trained as a registered nurse straight after I finished school, then qualified and worked as a midwife, which I LOVED. During this time I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that eventually forced me to give away this role in my early 30’s due to its physical demands. This was a turning point in my life as it jump-started my study into what became my life-long interest in holistic wellness.


Some time later I had to deal with something many of us face: terminal illness in the family. Add to that a lengthy physical rehab after a traffic collision and I was stressed to the max with the same thoughts plaguing me – would I ever be well; would I have to quit my job which I loved and no longer be able to contribute financially; and how would this affect my relationship? My unhelpful thoughts started to manifest in stress-related symptoms which only gave me more to stress about! I felt a serious loss of control and I needed to get my life back on track, which I did with help, over time.

I’m pleased to say I’m now well (mind, body and soul) and enjoying life to the full thanks to a lot of self-care, self-love AND extraordinary family and friends.  I also did extensive research and further study. This doesn’t mean I don’t have relapses and bad hair days - far from it, but I’ve learned coping strategies which get me through the tough times, and I LOVE being able to share these with others!

Hopefully you don’t think you’re the only person in the world feeling overwhelmed, because everyone else appears so in control. If you do, I want to assure you that’s not the case; people are great at masking the chaos that lies just beneath the surface (I was an expert at it)!

Stress-related illness is sky-rocketing globally. Remember the adage - a problem shared is a problem halved. A great way to beat stress is to share your concerns and feelings, but that’s just the first step towards inner peace and contentment! We all have a story to tell and I’d love to hear yours – your greatest chapters might be those waiting to be written! So, if you’ve decided the time has arrived for THRIVING, not just SURVIVING, then take action and start creating the future you dream about – it starts with YOU!