For many years I’ve been struggling and living the fast-paced life that we all tend to do, so when Megan came into my life it was like a gift from the universe. All those pressures I put on myself to be “perfect” were in fact contributing to me being stressed and miserable. Megan has given me invaluable tools to help overcome any anxious/stressful moments that may arise.  I am finally learning to get to know and love the person that is ME.  This has involved taking time for myself without the guilt and the incredible importance of mindfulness. Megan’s caring nature, wealth of knowledge and kind heart has made this practice such a joy.  JT, Brisbane.

I am feeling more positive as a result of the coaching sessions with Megan. They have helped me to live every day with a more positive attitude and the change that is taking place in my life is making me a happier person.  SJ, Brisbane

Megan was always professional and empathetic in her approach. She met all, and exceeded my expectations at every meeting we had together. She had vision and was professional and caring. She allowed me to see my individual challenges and reach my own answers.  LB, Brisbane

I used to experience excitement and hope about my business but a downturn in clients and income made me feel uncertain and insecure about myself and my future. After working with Megan, I have steps and goals to achieve and improve my client-base and build my business, and I’m feeling more hopeful and confident. Thank you for helping me get past my emotional fears and into practical, logical and achievable steps to improve my business and my life. I would recommend Megan to anyone who wants to move forward in areas of their life, and needing someone to work with them to help them achieve their dreams and goals.   LK, Brisbane



The workshop showed me that stress not only has negative effects, but positive effects as well, and I’m now aware of what stress is and what I can do to recognise and manage it when it happens. My stress number (from 1 – 10) reduced from being 7 at the start of the session to 3 at the end – thank you very much! Megan is a great communicator - her presentations are well structured and put together.

Thank you for an excellent presentation Megan.