Stress is our perception of an experience or event being challenging, threatening or unpleasant, so we get to choose how stress affects us. We can proactively use tools and strategies to stop it in its tracks, or allow it to completely overwhelm us. Long-term stress has a habit of creeping up on us, and we may not take notice until our physical or mental health suffers. We convince ourselves that constantly feeling rushed, overworked and exhausted is commonplace and we just have to suck it up because life's just plain busy! Unfortunately 'high octane' living, no matter who you are, runs the risk of burn-out and stress-related illness if you don't look out for the warning signs and start putting your health and wellbeing first.

Stop being a slave to stress and start learning how to handle stress to create a fulfilling, balanced life.

'Stress Slave' no more!


Yes it is possible and I can't wait to help you get started. I will provide you with skills, tools and support in my one-to-one coaching program, that's tailored to your needs. You WILL have the freedom to start LIVING on your terms.

You know there's more to this life of yours but those ongoing self-limiting beliefs and everyday pressures have eroded your self-confidence and left you exhausted!

You want to break free and go for what you know you deserve, but you're not sure how to get started.

Maybe you've told yourself that you shouldn't hope for more because you have a job, a family, food on the table, but it still doesn't answer WHY you feel there's still something missing in your world.

The best version of you is waiting!



Working together we can identify stress triggers and learn how to anticipate and manage them; clarify values and goals so you're focused on where you want to be and how to get there, AND you'll no longer be a slave to that voice in your head that says "can't", "shouldn't", "never", "couldn't", "not good enough",...and the list goes on. Imagine how great it will feel to live a life of calm and purpose?

I am a stress management certified coach because I am passionate about helping people like you find the balance and joy they deserve.

Twenty-first century living has us all working harder than ever: caring for families, managing the home, holding down busy jobs (just to name a few roles...believe me I know there's plenty more). Unfortunately this constant daily pressure comes at a price - and when it's at the expense of health and well-being, that price is too high!

I am a registered nurse and have spent years working in the field of chronic disease, and studying its many preventable causes - how we think and the choices we make, impacts our health positively or negatively. If people have the right support, knowledge, tools AND they put them into practice, the benefits are boundless!

This is no "one off" or "quick fix", because unhelpful habits and beliefs have developed over time, and we know habits can be hard to break. For this reason I offer a one-to-one REVIVE and THRIVE coaching package, tailored to your individual needs.


  • Each day you feel like you're constantly chasing your tail

  • You've lost your 'mojo' and you know it's waiting for a kick-start

  • You want some clarity with goal setting and how to get focused

  • Time and sleep feel more like enemies than friends

  • Life feels draining rather than feeling exciting because you're putting everyone and everything else first

  • You’re in a nursing or caring profession and it’s time to care for the carer

  • You’re suffering from ‘compassion fatigue’

  • You're exhausted, stressed to the max and have little energy to just get through the day

  • It’s time to get back to basics: bring in the calm, slow things down and lose the ‘noise’ and chaos

  • The fun factor is missing in your life - you can't remember the last time you had a massive belly laugh

  • You have the same self-limiting thoughts going around and around in your head and you just can't shift them - you know the ones: I’m too fat, I’ll never find love, I’m not good enough

  • Persistent loneliness is a factor in your life

  • You've decided it's time to prioritise YOU and get living on your terms again!



When we work together in the REVIVE and THRIVE program you'll receive:

  • A 30 minute session each week conducted via telephone or Skype, depending on your preference

  • Unlimited email support during our time together

  • Check-in calls for when you need additional support

  • Access to personalised worksheets and resources to further aid our time together



What is it going to cost your health and well-being to continue this STRESS MESS? Let's get you to a place where you have a solid foundation to STRESS LESS, with life-changing, successful strategies, tools and support to get you there.

What is it costing you and your loved ones if you are in this same situation in a year, five years or even ten years down the track? You have one life, so STOP any excuses now and START living with purpose, balance and joy. Sure, you are busy taking care of everyone else, and juggling work and home commitments, but that doesn't mean your needs come last. How can you continue to get everything done and help others when you're constantly 'running on empty'?

You're here for a reason, so book in for your complimentary clarity call - you have absolutely nothing to lose and plenty to gain! Your TIME TO THRIVE is now!

I can't wait to hear from you and plan together how we're going to get you excited about this life of yours!