I conduct stress management workshops and presentations for a range of groups and audiences incorporating a range of learning strategies tailor-made for your individual group.

While stress management is a serious subject, workshops and presentations are engaging, fun and thought-provoking. I love working with groups and have extensive experience in the delivery of health education. 

People are more engaged and open to learning when they are relaxed and included in the learning process – and a bit of humour goes a long way!

The workshop or presentation content may include the following topics:

  • What is stress

  • What is good and bad stress

  • How does the body respond to stress

  • What are common stress triggers

  • How to test for stress

  • Values and the importance of living a values-driven life

  • Importance of building resilience

  • Common traits of resilient people

  • Stress-busting tools and techniques

  • Using the four “A’s” to deal with stress

  • 21st Century and stress (impact of social media, changing roles of women)

  • Health and wellness – commit to action

  • Experiencing a guided meditation and other stress management tools

Please complete the initial enquiry form below and I will look forward to contacting you to tailor a workshop or presentation to the requirements and budget of your group. 

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